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Clay desiccant

Both are desicc
ants and will adsorb water vapour whilst remaining dry to touch. The surface area and structure of the desiccant particles will influence the rate of moisture adsorption. The amount of moisture adsorbed will depend on the quality of desiccant employed. At 25° C and above the critical humidity zone of 50% RH (i.e. for prevention of corrosion or mould formation) silica gel will outperform typical desiccant clays by 35% in moisture adsorbency.

Absortec activated clay desiccants control humidity and eliminate the risk of mildew or rust damage in sealed containers. The non-corrosive clay adsorbs up to 20% of its weight in water in 6 hours.

Absortec activated clay desiccants are sold in units and each unit is 33 grams which is equal to 1.164042 oz. A 2 unit package (66 grams) will protect an area of 1.67 cubic feet.

Absortec activated clay desiccants are designed for machine parts, document storage, chemicals and clothing.

Absortec activated clay desiccants are also recommended for shipping pharmaceuticals, electronic components and food. Clay desiccant can meets
CE, and ISO specifications, is tear proof and dust free.