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What products are used as a low technology solution for preventing moisture in anything from flowers to electrical appliances? Absortec Desiccant bags.

Versatile, inexpensive and available in a variety of sizes, Absortec Desiccant bags absorb water vapour effectively, and are ideal for keeping valuable items free of moisture.Absortec Desiccant bags specialises in silica gel sachets, which are much more effective than activated clay sachets.

Damage caused by corrosion or humidity are likely to occur during transportation or storage of industrial products such as:Machine tools
Data processing plants
Optical and precision instruments
Electronic equipment
Military components
Leather goods
Absortec Desiccant bags, filled with highly active drying agents, offer the ideal solution for the protection of moisture-sensitive goods in an effective and environmentally friendly way.

The filling of the desiccant bags is measured in units. One desiccant unit is equal to the amount of a drying agent capable of adsorbing a minimum of 3g at 20% relative humidity and 6g at 40% relative humidity of water vapour at an air temperature of 23°C (±2).

Comprehensive range from 0.5grm sachets up to 1 Kilo stitched bags of desiccant.
Silica Gel Desiccant Mats.
'Orange' moisture indicator composite silica gel sachets.
All our desiccant packs produced in China under BSI ISO 9002 Quality Management System.
Whether you are a domestic client, moving house, or an industrial client, we can offer desiccant bags to a variety of sizes.