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Absortec Molecular Sieve 4A Ussage

Absortec Molecular Sieve 4A is used for saturated hydrocarbons stream and nature gas drying. As static desiccant in refrigeration, packaging of drags, electronic components and perishable and chemicals, and as water scavenger in paint and plastic.

Absortec Molecular Sieve 4A Regeneration

1. Moisture removal: The Products can be reactivated by thermal sewing. The temperature of the inlet gas through the molecular sieve bed should be 200-350c and the pressure 0.3-0.5kg/cm2 while The temperature of the outlet gas from the bed should be kept at 150-180c.

2. Organic gas removal: First the vapour is used to remove the organic substance, then the moisture is displaced.

Absortec Molecular Sieve 4A storage: Prevention against moisture.

Absortec Molecular Sieve 4A can be used in natural gas processing, petroleum refining, petrochemical industry and drying of argon, refrigerants and industrial gas.